Make-A-Plate will be completed at home. Print the blank template and let your child create his/her design. Be sure the template includes name, grade and teacher. Turn in the completed template with $10 Venmo to @Robert-Fallon-4 or check to your homeroom teacher by February 24th.

For HOL families, please drop the forms to Karen Carano by February 24th.

Download required forms:

Some tips to remember when completing Make-A-Plate:

  1. You can use markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, etc. (no glitter)
  2. Leave a 1/4” border around the edge
  3. Do not fold the template
  4. Return it in an envelope or in your child’s folder
  5. Write the artist name, grade, and teacher on the template (e.g., James K. 3C)

If the cost will prevent your child from ordering a plate, Home and School has funds available to help. Please email Kristin Kearns.