Chatham Park wants to support all the new families within our Bulldog community. We have created a program that will pair existing Chatham Park families with incoming families to help new families become acquainted with the school and community. The existing families (Host Families) will be matched with new families over the summertime, but matches can occur throughout the year as well. Host Families will be an ongoing resource for incoming families. The benefits from being paired with a Host Families are as follows:

  • Host Families will reach out to the new family to exchange contact information and offer to be a resource for the new families.
  • Depending on comfort level, your host can schedule a time to meet in person, virtually, or over the phone.
  • Host families will offer tips and advice for new families prior to the new school year (see 2020 New Chatham Park Families for more information).
  • Host families will Inform new families about grade-based Facebook groups and the HASA Facebook page.
  • Hosts will assist new families in registering through AtoZ Connect (Chatham Directory).
  • They can answer any questions about arrival/departure, lunch program, HASA events, etc. that you may have.

If you are interested in being paired up with a Host Family, please complete the Chatham Park New Family Signup Form.


  • June 1: Email sent to New/Incoming families about Chatham Park Host Family Program (opting in allows HASA to share contact info with Host Family)
  • June 11: Host families matched with new families. Email sent to New Families with Host family information and details for new families
  • Mid-June: Back-to-School Supply info sent to new families
  • July/August: Host Families will reach out to New families to connect
  • Early/Mid-August: Possible tour of School with HASA

It is our intention to match families within neighborhoods or in nearby neighborhoods. However, if there is a better way to match we can do so.