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View the HASA calendar or sync it directly with your own.

View the HASA Calendar

View a full version of the school calendar. You can also subscribe to the HASA calendar in you own calendar software, such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, using the instructions below.


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Subscription Instructions

It is now easier than ever to stay up-to-date with HASA events and activities! Subscribe to HASA's online calendar and you will always have the latest on the happenings at Chatham Park.


Copy this URL:


Go to your calendar on a desktop and select File > New Calendar Subscription…


Paste in the URL from step one.

Cafeteria Menu

This Month's Cafeteria Menu

Can't find the hard copy showing what the cafeteria is serving this month? Download the current month's cafeteria menu by clicking the button below. NB, this will be updated once the cafeteria is opened.