Open Positions

Volunteer With HASA
Below are positions within HASA for which we currently need volunteers. Please click on each title for more details about the responsibilities of each. Many hands make light work, so please consider helping. Contact HASA with any questions or if you are interested.
Treasurer: HASA Board Position

The CPE HASA board is currently looking for someone to volunteer as Treasurer. This role will be begin in January 2022. The Treasurer works closely with the President and Vice President to set budgets for each event, plan out for the school year, and assist in reimbursement for any purchases done for HASA. The Treasurer is expected to attend each board meeting every month, with an updated detailed report of current, past and future spending allocations. The Treasurer must posses good communication skills, excellent book keeping skills as well as use on a regular basis Venmo and PayPal. If anyone is interested in applying for this position please email to be considered. If there is more than one person interested, then a school wide vote will be needed.

Make-A-Plate: Spring 2022

Connect with Make-A-Plate and start the process of getting the word out through Mrs. Carano and the CPE Teachers. Set a firm deadline for design collections. Once the plates come in, which are delivered to the chair’s house, organize by class room then bring to the school. All money must be collected as well and checked off for each design. The chair will also be responsible for social media post during the program in order to make sure that parents adhere to the deadlines given.

If you are interested chairing this program, please email immediately.

Third and Fourth Grade Service Chairs
Plan and organize community service programs throughout the year for your designated grade.
Bark-A-Palooza: Fall 2022

Starting at the start of the school year, coordinate the Bark-A-Palooza, a CPE pep rally for the school. Act as the liaison between the cheerleaders, band, teachers, and anyone else involved. Make a play list for the pep rally to play during Bark-A-Palooza with the HASA speaker. Ability to be onsite during the Bark-A-Palooza pep rally. Work with the teachers and Dr. Whitehead in prepping and planning the “script” for the pep rally. Help HASA, if needed, with t-shirt collecting and ordering for Bark-A-Palooza.

IDC Second Position

Attend and report back to the HASA board from each IDC meeting. These meetings happen monthly or bi-monthly. These meets are sometimes virtual or in person.