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Volunteers are what make the Home & School Association run. Without them we wouldn’t be able to host Family Fun and Chatham Park Community events such as Bingo Night and the Back to School Picnic. Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to raise money for the cultural assemblies or Young Writers Day, or run any of HASA’s events.

Won’t you volunteer? Visit AtoZ Connect to see events and committees that HASA sponsors.


How to Register for
AtoZ Connect

AtoZ Directories is the service that HASA uses to create the school directory and it’s where volunteers can indicate their interest in helping at any of our events. If you want to be listed in the Bulldog Browser, our school directory, you need to input your information into A to Z and pay the annual HASA dues. Dues can be paid at Back to School night.

We recommend that you register/update your information prior to Back to School night to save time.


Go to Membership Toolkit and enter in your information.



Fill out all three tabs on the resulting screen: Add Home, Add Parents, and Add Students. Then, click on Create Account. The phone number you list on the Home screen will be the one included in the printed version of the directory.


Once your account has been approved, you will get an email with a link to set your password and add additional information.