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Chatham Park HASA’s Make-A-Plate Fundraiser

Please pay for and submit art by March 3rd.

Use your child's imagination to design a 10-inch round plate! Artists can use colored pencils, paint, markers or crayons, but NO glitter or stickers.  Use the template provided please.  Include NAME and HOMEROOM on the plate somewhere (see examples). Send artwork in with your child to homeroom by March 3rd. Along with artwork, you must pay $15 per plate. Payment options are below:

Cost: $15 

Click on plate to pay by Credit Card or Paypal (you have the option).


*Reach out to HASA if you need financial assistance.  There are funds available! 

Any questions, please email Becky

If you absolutely do not want to pay via online, please provide Cash or Check with Name & Homeroom on the envelope sent in with your child. 

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